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Adrenaline Shocker CVO+XLS Combo Uncommon


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Dust Black finish. 

The Adrenaline Shocker CVO is, in our humble but experienced opinion, the best mechanical gun on the planet. The Adrenaline Shocker XLS is a very advanced electronic paintball gun. The base Shocker is amazing and our XLS is a radical change from the base. With the CVO+XLS Combo you get two guns in one. The guns share an upper body. If you add the option for both feed necks then you can swap those depending on if you're shooting electro or mechanical. The grip frame is easy to swap going from electro to mechanical in minutes. All parts for both setups are anodized to match. The two setups share the same Adrenaline serial number.

The Uncommon Class of our Shockers is our more economic option. We're excited to provide almost all of the features of its big brothers for those on more of a budget. It doesn't have our timer or custom frame, uses the standard grips and grip screws and only comes in standard Shocker solid colors but, in addition to dust, it also come in polished (not normally available in these colors on the stock CVO).


Our Shocker Classes Explained

The Adrenaline Shockers come as CVO (mechanical) only, XLS (electronic) only, or a CVO+XLS Combo. The combo gives you the parts you need for both guns in fully matching anodizing. That means you get a mechanical frame and trigger configuration, the electronics (and battery), a low rise with an optional matching mid rise.

In addition to the packages, they are separated by classes that alter both what the gun has and how much it costs. Those classes are explained in the chart below. If not buying a CVO+XLS combo the game timer and grip frame option applies only to the CVO version.

Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary Mythic
Price Point $$ $$$ $$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$$
Dust or Polished
Anodizing Finish
x13.png check13.png check13.png check13.png check13.png
Solid Anodizing check13.png check13.png check13.png x13.png x13.png
Upgraded Anodizing
Quality & Options
x13.png check13.png check13.png check13.png check13.png
More Complex
Anodizing Options
x13.png x13.png check13.png x13.png x13.png
Signature Series
x13.png x13.png x13.png check13.png x13.png
Signature Series
Laser Engraving
x13.png x13.png x13.png check13.png x13.png
x13.png x13.png x13.png x13.png check13.png
Adrenaline Frame
and Game Timer
x13.png x13.png check13.png check13.png check13.png
Upgraded Engraved
Adrenaline Grips
x13.png x13.png check13.png check13.png check13.png
Legendary Engraved
Adrenaline Grips
x13.png x13.png x13.png check13.png check13.png


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Carlos S.
Houston, Texas, United States

Uncommon XLS/CVO combo

I love how it feels in hand, looks amazing, and good sound signature. Maybe im just unlucky but i had some trigger issue with mine, jammed or would get stuck and making a weird connection to the magnetic switch (came in the XLS) and i feel the trigger is a little to wobbly for my preference. but got the trigger issue fixed outside of the wobbliness and it rips.


If anyone converts to XLS and has a trigger stick back on the rear pull we posted a video on how to adjust. It is the screw in the middle of the trigger (activation set point), screw it in clockwise to increase activation point. Even if we ship in CVO mode we are checking this now but not 'on frame' so it could still be off. Glad you figured yours out (we made the video because of this review so thanks!!)

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