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New Adrenaline Web Platform is Live | Adrenaline

New Adrenaline Web Platform is Live

We're excited about all of the features of our new web platform. It isn't just a website, it is the backbone of our entire operation.

Some of the cool new features include:

  • Integrated toll-free phone system capable of identifying customers and their orders and creating sales and support trouble tickets based solely upon the phone call. Flaming Skull Bonus Ball members are identified automatically and provided their own menus with the capability of choosing to be forwarded to James's mobile.
  • An extensive support system that also identifies customers, their orders, their Adrenaline equipment owned, prior and current support issues (phone calls, chats, and emails), their subscriptions and their Bonus Ball tier. Support tickets are created through phone, email, and chat. We have additional staff now monitoring these tickets.
  • Our automated Chat window (located at the bottom right of each page) not only provides live chat during certain hours, it provides extensive self-help to cancel an order, return an item, check order and shipping status, and much more.
  • Should a return or exchange be necessary our Returns portal walks you through the relevant items in your order and assists with obtaining an RMA 24/7.
  • Because Adrenaline products frequently sell out quickly after re-stocks (or initial releases) we have a sophisticated re-stock alert system that can notify you of re-stocks via email, web push, text and even Facebook Messenger. Simply click on the Notify When Available button for any product.
  • We now offer our site in 6 languages and 18 currencies. We utilize a browser geolocation detection system to help re-route you to the appropriate international site. For a full list of our international sites see our General FAQ on our support page.
  • You can now enter and edit tons of information into your customer account system including clothing sizes, Adrenaline markers owned, serial numbers, photographs of your Adrenalines and tons more. We then use this information to customize your Premier Subscription if you're a subscriber.
  • Product options, such as customer designs for Adrenaline Luxes or custom lasering, now have extensive image upload and editing abilities with descriptions.
  • We now have locked and hidden portions of our site available to exclusive customers such as our dealer partners and our Premier Subscribers.
  • Our order status and tracking system is the best in the industry. See your orders and subscriptions from your account, download PDF invoices, and track your orders live anywhere in the world. However, you can now track your order BEFORE it ships including pre-order wait list status, anodizing status and assembly status. When you product ships you'll receive notifications via browser push and email.
  • Pre-Orders have been revamped with more information as to product ETA, availability and correspondence.
  • Our web push system (which doesn't work on iOS) notifies you of price drops, order updates, promotions, order shipments and re-stocks to your subscribed products.
  • Fully manage your Premier Subscription on your account portal including updating addresses, delivery dates, change plans, payment methods and add-on products.
  • Our reviews system now allows photo and video reviews, community questions & answers and more. 
  • Our Bonus Balls program has been completely revamped (your points and VIP status have been retained) with additional earning methods and drastically improved redemption methods.
  • We've added a referral program (with referral links unique to each customer) to obtain additional cash discounts.
  • Our advanced Wishlist system retains the product options you've selected in your Wishlist and you can easily share it to friends and family for gift ideas.
  • We've added numerous support solutions in our FAQ for both the Adrenaline Luxe and the Adrenaline Shocker comprising some of our most common tech support issues.
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