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JT Triad Speed Test - So Good Adrenaline Switched to JT

JT Triad Speed Test - So Good Adrenaline Switched to JT

We recently tested out the Triad High Performance Loader from JT Paintball. It was so good that we switched from our Virtue Spires which we've used for years. The switch includes our team, our store, and what we recommend for our markers. Its reliable and super fast which is even more important when the marker is set up in mechanical mode. We haven't had one fail yet which is way more than we can say for the Rotors we tried previously. It doesn't crush brittle paint either.

We are proud to be switching to JT and are looking forward to not just selling the tons of Triads we ordered but also our own Proflex lines, our own harness, pants, joggers, jerseys and more...all of which will be designed by us and made by JT.

Here's a video of Eric Dearman just ripping on a Triad by fanning the trigger and trying to get it to chop.

Here's another of James Graley doing the same thing. Neither chopped on the video or during ANY TEST TO DATE! 

We have a ton of these on the way so get your Pre-Order in now!

See the JT Paintball Triad lineup.

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